I have been looking for a theme regarding a new series of posts for my website. But I couldn’t find anything. So I kept trying to invent something interesting, original, and frankly something I could do. My specialties are literature, history of literature, languages, and language history. I’m not sure who would be interested in learning Swedish or the history of the Swedish language. *If you are, please let me know!* I was left with no ideas whatsoever. Except…Wait a minute. I can write. I love quotes. Boom!

This page will be updated with quotes crafted by me. They will talk about life, inspiration, perseverance, confidence, books, and everything in between. Feel free to share them, but please make a reference to me as the quote’s author, and even this page if you’d like.

Come and Dream with me…

I write. I read.
I laugh and I live.

In the darkest of places, dare to open your eyes and see the light.

You can. And you will.

Rejection is only a step before success, a station on your way to greatness.

Live. Laugh. Love.
Write. Read. Write.

Work for your dream.
Hunt people down for your dream.
Rejection will try to stop you.
Crumble you, have you running scared and alone.
You’re not alone. You’re brave.
And your dream will fly one day.