About me

My name is Athena. Oh, and I am a Hufflepuff.

I was raised in Greece where I studied Computer Science, but literature has always been my constant companion and biggest passion. I now live in the beautiful yet little cold Sweden.

After having worked as an editor and a book reviewer for a few years, my imagination had become so intense that I had to appease it. I, therefore, wrote VERITAS that reflects real problems in a magical –yet realistic—world, and focuses on a young heroine who strives to find herself and craves to be loved unconditionally, even if she doesn’t realize it. However, I have recently rewritten it, and I’m finally proud of the book that has been born out of my love for this story and its characters.

I have also written THE STARLIGHT WITHIN, a young adult fantasy novel set in an alternate Sweden, as well as a young adult realistic fantasy novel about two teenage girls that discover a secret magickal society, and a young adult contemporary fantasy novel set in northern Sweden about two girls who are both enemies and in love with each other.

On a personal note…

I speak four languages, and my main interests include languages, history of languages, literature, and history of literature. I am half-Greek and half-Swedish, which made my upbringing quite interesting. I may not be biracial but the multi-ethnic influences I was graced with have shaped my personality in the most positive, eye-opening way.

I believe in dreams. I believe in people. I believe in equality.

Come and dream with me…

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