How to Be Remy Cameron by Julian Winters, ARC Review

The publisher, Interlude Press, kindly offered me an advanced reader copy (ARC) of How to Be Remy Cameron by Julian Winters via NetGalley. Yet, this is an honest review of the book expressing my humble opinion.

How to Be Remy Cameron is a modern classic that should be at every school library. In fact, it should be included in the curriculum. Just thinking how many teens this book will heal and soothe makes me cry.

The author manages to weave nuances regarding race, sexuality, and identity effortlessly and while maintaining a lighthearted mood throughout the book. All these questions about who Remy was touched my very soul. The book is about soul-searching and identity-discovery. It’s really hard to handle all the labels we’re assigned. Not just teens like Remy, but even adults. How to Be Remy Cameron demonstrates that in a such authentic, spiritual, and realistic way that leaves me breathless every time I think about it.

There’s no doubt that this is a perfect story told by the perfect person. I absolutely adore this book. All the characters were magnificent. The story-telling was great. This book is like a gift from the heavens, one we don’t deserve but desperately need.

This book is special and magical. And one everyone must read.

I’m honored to having read the ARC of this book and more than willing to shout it from the rooftops. HOW TO BE REMY CAMERON is one of the best contemporaries I’ve ever read, and Julian Winters is definitely an auto-buy for me. He writes a book, I need to read it. We all need to read it.

5 stars are not enough. I’d give this book and its author all the stars in the galaxy. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Author: Julian Winters
Publisher: Interlude Press/Duet Books

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