#AMMConnect with this Swedish lady

Hi, everyone! I’m very excited for #AMM to begin. I’ve been looking forward to this round for months. I wanted to enter in the previous round with my high fantasy book but I wasn’t ready. THIS TIME I AM!! *enter confetti and fireworks* And I’m entering with my witches and warriors book that I have rewritten and that I adore with all of my heart! I hope #AMM guides me and helps me with my craft so that I can bring out the best version of my books. If it performs a miracle and makes me a tad more confident in myself, I won’t say no to that.

TITLE: Veritas (Truth in Latin)

GENRE: YA contemporary fantasy


(I only have 6 queries out.)


My main character is a 15-year-old girl, Emily, who is both a warrior and a witch but only identifies herself as a warrior. Emily never got to know her dad, and her mom…Well, she witnessed her murder when she was seven. She grew up in the streets, hidden from the society that betrayed her mother. When she comes across her mother’s murderer, Emily is overpowered by her need for revenge. But when she infiltrates the academy for witches and warriors, she comes across teenage drama, gossip, new friendships, and a multi-faceted truth–hence, my book’s title, VERITAS. Emily wants to avenge her mother’s murder and make the killer pay for what she did to her family, but she had no idea she had something to lose at the end.

The book is basically about a girl with a tragic past who hasn’t learned how to embrace herself yet and wants to avenge her mother’s murder so badly that it’s all she thinks about.


Veritas is set in our modern world and features many references from it, some–many–of which are sarcastic. I wanted it to reflect our real world but with doses of magic and fantastical warfare in the vein of the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. It also features diverse cast and mythologies like the Norse, Greek, Latin/Roman, etc, which is why many terms are in other languages.

And of course, I wanted a female main character who knows her power and herself–even if she doesn’t like it much.

*drumroll* Veritas is set in a society of magic based on mythologies, warriors, stereotypes, and inequality.


  • A badass heroine.
  • Who takes responsibility for her actions but also
  • does what is right.
  • Mature young adults and immature ones who will grow.
  • Betrayal.
  • Family drama.
  • And strong/fragile family bonds that supersede blood bonds.
  • Secrets.
  • MYTHOLOGIES!! from all over the world
  • diverse characters that reflect those mythologies and our world.
  • languages that empower and complete the diverse world of mythologies.
  • Adorable yet fierce friends.
  • Funny characters.
  • Broody English love interest.
  • magic! that stems from mythologies and doesn’t need wands but words.
  • wars!
  • breaking as many stereotypes and rules as my MC can.
  • a world with magic that faces the same problems and inadequacies ours does.



My name is Athena Freya, I’m 25 years old, and I live in Sweden. I study to become an English/Swedish/Spanish teacher. Yes, you’ve guessed right; I LOVE languages. I speak four: English, Swedish, Spanish, and Greek. I also love the history of languages. It’s fascinating to see the evolution of each language and the reasons that propelled each change. And yes, I LOVE mythologies, too. I’m a nerd, and I’m proud of it!

I’m also a proud Hufflepuff! An interesting fact is that Hufflepuffs and Slytherins get along extremely well. My best friend is a ferocious Slytherin, which is proof of the awesomeness of the Hufflepuff-Slytherin combination.

My idol is Jennifer L. Armentrout. My favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Samantha Young, and of course, Jennifer L. Armentrout. My favorite series are Harry Potter, On Dublin Street, Covenant, Mythos Academy, Percy Jackson, and the With Me series.

Outside books?

I love

  • wine, especially sparkling white wine!
  • black tea.
  • music (Adele, Coldplay, OneRepublic, The Killers, Ed Sheeran: my heart is yours!)
  • TV ships. Oh, how I obsess over them. I may not know what they’re called but I do obsess over them; hence, my fascination with fan fiction. Examples: Jeller from Blindspot, Malec from Shadowhunters, Bellarke from The 100.
  • Sweden. What can I say? I love my country.
  • big cities with strong cultural elements.
  • diversity in all things.
  • quotes.
  • purple. And silver.
  • Harry Potter.
  • organization.
  • owls.
  • animals, in general.
  • my mom.
  • my best friends. *You know who you are.*
  • bilingual people.
  • candles,
  • and random facts.

And this is me, guys. I’m a Swedish Hufflepuff dreamer who won’t stop until her dream comes true.

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