My New WIP

As you may already know, my first YA novel is finished. Well, the first draft is. Before I delve into the editing phase, I am taking a break from that story, as much as it pains me.

I need time off, so that I can have a clear head in order to properly edit it. In the meantime, I will be reading A LOT. I have that Cassandra Clare novel staring at me every day, and it’s time to embrace it. BUT I won’t stop writing.

As a matter of fact, an interesting first clue for a book idea came to me when I was writing my now finished YA novel. On the other hand, my head still remembers another wonderful world I had created months ago. It is high fantasy, though, and I don’t want to mix the stories and confuse myself with two different high fantasy worlds.

A fact that made my decision so very easy…

My new WIP is a YA fantasy > urban fantasy > paranormal novel. I have already outlined it, and all the major events are in my brain waiting to be unleashed. It has a title, too!!! Suffice to say I had a very creative and productive morning!

I don’t know if it will be a stand-alone novel, or book one in a series at this moment. I may outlined and named it, but I haven’t even written its first chapter yet.

I won’t leave you like that, though.

I believe in strong women of all ages. I ferociously support equality in every aspect of life. I dislike stereotypes of any kind.

Those beliefs are easy to discern from my books. And this novel won’t be any different. It focuses on a kind and strong young woman, surrounded by equally strong and fierce women –adults and teens.

So, um, don’t expect to see any character bowing to stereotypes…

Lastly, my WIP will feature (young) strong-minded females, and supernatural elements in the realistic world, and will highlight complex relationships between family members. Oh, and murder…

I estimate its first draft to be completed in mid-April, for I’ll have to edit the other YA. I will keep you updated!

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “My New WIP

  1. Wow! This is so exciting! Finishing the book by April? It’s like NanoWriMo all over again 🙂 Great job pushing yourself to write though! Which Cassandra Clare book are you reading? I enjoyed all of the City of Bones series but loved her prequel series even more!

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    1. By the end of April. That’s my hope, anyway. It’s not exactly pushing. I write the first drafts fast, so two months will suffice. I, however, have the other YA to edit, so my timeline could be in trouble.
      I want to read The Iron Trials, actually. Her series co-written by Holly Black. I have the first book on my office reminding me that I need to read books, too, and that one is number one on the pile.


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