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This is Athena Freya, and I am a fantasy author living in Sweden. I hope you like magic, strong women, adorable yet infuriating characters, humor, and a touch of mystery!

I have written four YA fantasy novels with series potential. THE STARLIGHT WITHIN features a Scandinavia like you’ve never seen before, as well as a main character that is so smart, sweet, and kind you can’t help but wish she was your friend. Emily from Emily’s book has a darker, more sarcastic, confident, kickass personality, and the story is set in our world and time. My third novel features strong female teenagers that discover a secretive and magickal society. Last but definitely not least, my fourth novel is a contemporary fantasy novel set in northern Sweden with a f/f romance.

Feel free to take a look around! If you like fun, irrelevant, and weird facts, go to my Fun Facts page. (You can find it under the About me menu.) If you like quotes or not having the best day, visit the Quotes page (It’s under Posts on the website’s menu bar.)